Prepping Your Teen for College to Reduce Drunk Driving

College Drunk Driving Statistics

53% of college students ages 18 to 22
drank in the past 30 days.

Over 1,500 deaths of students ages 18 to 24
are related to drinking annually.

Fatalities resulting from alcohol-related
vehicular injury is the second leading
cause of death among college students.

10% of college students have driven after
consuming more than five drinks.

Tips for Parents to Give Teens to Prevent Drunk Driving in College

  • Create a plan with your child in college to prevent drinking and driving.
  • The plan could include an emergency credit card to take a cab or an Uber, a trusted adult who could pick them up in an emergency, or take public transit.
  • Speak honestly about dangers and risks.
  • Stay away from other students who drink and drive.
  • Know your limits and understand the specific effects of alcohol on your body.
  • Have fun nights in. Not all parties or fun times must involve travel.

What to Do If Charged with Drunk Driving in College

  • Many states have zero tolerance for intoxication while driving when the driver is under 21. “Buzzed” driving could be illegal, too.
  • Contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.
  • Comply with authorities and act with respect.
  • Do not admit guilt or answer questions from law enforcement without your lawyer present.
  • Your lawyer can work to prove you were not guilty, seek reduce charges, argue for a more lenient punishment, disprove your likelihood to re-offend, and more, depending on the circumstances.
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