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CT reckless driving attorney

Reckless driving is a criminal offense under Connecticut traffic laws, and it is surprisingly easy to get charged with reckless driving.

Simply driving more than 85 MPH is an automatic reckless driving criminal charge. Regardless of any other facts, road conditions, time of day, or whether you were otherwise driving safely and carefully. You can also be charged with reckless by any driving behavior that the police officer decides is reckless or endangers the lives of others on the road, but these factors are not explicitly defined or stated under Connecticut law, so the charge can be very subjective.

If you made a mistake: you were talking on the phone, adjusting the radio or GPS map, drinking a cup of coffee or eating and momentarily lost control of your car, you shouldn’t be facing a criminal punishment and deserve a second chance.

And the results can be serious, and personally devastating. So call me to find out what I can do to protect you from the harshest punishments at (860) 749-8313.

CT Reckless Driving Penalties

If you are found guilty of reckless driving, you can face up to 30 days in jail, fines of up to $300, loss of license, and more.

For a second (2nd) offense reckless driving charge, the maximum penalties go up to a year in jail and a $600 fine.

See additional Connecticut Reckless Driving laws info & case law. Also see Chapter 248, Sec. 14-222 of the Connecticut criminal code / General statutes of Connecticut on reckless driving.

How To Beat a Reckless Driving Charge in Connecticut.

The first thing I often do in reckless driving cases is to challenge the assertion that the driving behavior was reckless. I can point out all the things that you did correctly, properly, and safely, to call into question the judgment of recklessness.

  • Were you driving between the white lines? Most of the time?
  • Did you have a momentary lapse that was quickly corrected?

All these points and more can challenge the standing of a recklessness charge.

If you are charged with reckless for driving over 85 miles per hour, I can contest the determination of the speed. Was it officially clocked on radar/lidar? If so, is the device properly maintained and calibrated? Can the prosecution and the police provide those maintenance records?

I can also look for opportunities to get the charges reduced from a criminal offense down to a simple moving violation or civil charge. If I can keep you from ending up with a permanent criminal record, that is a very successful outcome in many cases.

My defense strategies will depend on the exact nature of the circumstances, so call me to discuss your case, and I will give you my opinion on how to fight it, and what the chances of a successful outcome may be.

Free Case Evaluation on Reckless Driving Cases in Connecticut

So call me now or contact me for your consultation and case evaluation, you will need to talk to an experienced reckless driving attorney.

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