Case Wins

Here are a few recent case wins I’ve had in court.

Charges Dismissed Family Violence Education Program granted.

Charge: Assault
Court: Enfield
Result: Family Violence Education Program granted.

My client charged with Assault 2 for cutting her husband several times with a box cutter.

My Client granted Family Violence Education Program over prosecutor’s objection. Enfield

Two co-defendants charged with reckless driving after an accident where one of the cars hit another car, then the second co-defendant’s car hit the first codefendant’s car, flipped over, and landed on its roof. Victim’s car totaled. AR Granted in Manchester.

Not Guilty Illegal Possession of a Firearm

Charge: Illegal Possession of a Firearm
Court: Norwich
Result: Accelerated Rehabilitation

Client charged with Illegal Possession of Firearm (53a-217c). Client and two friends staying in a hotel near Mohegan Sun Casino and are smoking pot in their vehicle at 2am. Police come upon the vehicle and driver admits he has a firearm in trunk. Client is from Massachusetts and legally purchased firearm in Virginia. A R granted in Norwich Court G A 21.

Client charged with Robbery 2 (53a-135) and flees the State of Ct. Client is arrested 4 years later in Alabama where he is originally from. Client serves 3 months and I get charge lowered to Larceny 3. Client is freed after 3 months and gets two years probation with restitution.

Client is charged with Larceny 2 (53a-123 Class C felony) and Identity Theft 1st Degree (53a-129b Class b felony) for allegedly stealing over $13,000.00 from hotel where she was employed. I get AR granted because she and her husband immediately paid the money back and I brought in evidence to show her boss had it out for her because she would not have sex with him.

Client charged with over 15 felony car thefts (Larceny 1 and 2, CGS 53a-122, 53a-123) which took place over a matter of 3 weeks due to drug addiction, along with several misdemeanor offenses. Cases were brought in four different courts and there were over 100 charges total. I got all cases transferred to one court and worked out a deal with the prosecutor. Client agreed to time served which was 5 months at the time of the deal, pleaded guilty to only one Class D felony (ordered by the judge) and 5 misdemeanors, and was placed in a 90-120 day program in a halfway house.

Client was charged with Harassment in violation of 53a-183 due to emails she sent to her boyfriend’s ex-wife at her work email address. The ex-wife is a vice president at a large corporation who had recently subjected client to being forced into family court to divulge all of her financial records after moving in with her boyfriend. The emails were highly sexual in nature, showed graphic pornography and got the ex-wife into trouble at work. IP address was traced back to my client who was a woman in her ’40’s, also a professional. Accelerated Rehabilitation granted.

Client charged with Assault 3 (CGS 53a-61) and Burglary (CGS 53a-103) for entering a bedroom in a home where her boyfriend of 10 years and father of her child was having sex with another woman. The victim showed up to both court dates and not only wrote a lengthy account for the judge of her position, but also strenuously objected to my client’s application for Accelerated Rehabilitation. AR Granted.

Client charged with Assault 2nd With A Motor Vehicle in violation of CGS 53a-60d which carries up to 5 years in prison. Also charged with DUI (CGS 14-227), Reckless Driving (CGS 14-222) and various other motor vehicle violations. Prosecutor’s offer was to plead guilty to everything and serve 4 years in jail. Upon client’s request, case went to trial. Due to his passenger’s injuries which involved two concussions and a broken leg which later required surgery, client was found guilty of Assault 2nd with a Motor Vehicle and received a 6 month sentence from the judge. Client released from incarceration after 90 days. Client found not guilty of all other charges, including the DUI.

Client charged with Sale or Distribution of a Controlled Substance (CGS 21a-277(b), False Statement (CGS 53a-157b) and Interfering with an Officer (CGS 53a167a) for dealing narcotics and marijuana out of his college dorm room. Client expelled from college. Over prosecutor’s objection, client permitted to use two programs and earn a dismissal.

Client charged with Conspiracy to Commit Burglary 3 (CGS 53a-103), Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 6 (CGS 53a-125b) and Interference with an Officer (CGS 53a-167a) for breaking and entering into a high school. Client and his friends did not know building was equipped with silent alarms until the left the building and were confronted by the police. Over prosecutor’s objection, client was granted Accelerated Rehabilitation.

Client charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute (CGS 21a-277). Client stopped for speeding and during the stop, cops noticed constant activity on his cell phone. Client denied having any illegal substances, but cops brought canine in to search. Canine smells marijuana and reacts which leads to search and client’s arrest. Marijuana packaged in two separate containers, but quantity amounted to less than a half ounce. Cops confiscate marijuana and phone. Client refuses to give up password to phone and prosecutor gets irate. I apply for program which is granted over prosecutor’s objection and client earns a dismissal.

Client charged with Larceny 1, (CGS 53a-122) for embezzling money from the estate of a relative where she was appointed executrix. By the time she was charged, she had taken over $50,000.00, however, had no criminal record. State objected due to the seriousness of the offense, however, after I made a showing of good cause, judge granted Accelerated Rehabilitation with restitution.

Client was arrested for DUI (CGS 14-227) and Driving Under Suspension after the DUI (CGS 14-215(c)) which happened a few hours apart. CGS 14-215(c) carries a mandatory minimum of 30 days incarceration for the first offense. In chambers, the judge kept saying that under no circumstances would she grant a program because the 30 day jail sentence meant the legislature did not intend someone to use a program to earn a dismissal. Many judges believe this is the case. On the day of court, I thoroughly presented my client’s case with an explanation as to why she was driving within a few hours of getting a DUI and the judge granted AR.

Accelerated Rehabilitation Multiple Offenses

Charge: Multiple Offenses.
Court: Middletown
Result: Accelerated Rehabilitation granted.

Former US Marine client charged with multiple offenses on multiple occasions over a period of about a year. All cases consolidated into one. After many trips to court and my client doing a less than perfect satisfactory job on Veterans Accelerated Rehabilitation, judge agrees to dismiss all charges rather than allow the prosecutor’s offer for a guilty plea.

Accelerated Rehabilitation Possession with intent to sell

Charge: Possession with intent to sell.
Court: Middletown
Result: Accelerated Rehabilitation granted.

Client charged with possession with intent to sell after police find a scale, cash, baggies and several ounces of marijuana in his vehicle after a legitimate stop in Middletown.  AR Granted.

Time Served 3rd DUI

Charge: DUI 3rd
Court: Rockville
Result: time served under mandatory minimum, probation terminated.

Client is charged with DUI and Violation of Probation. Client is on probation and is out partying with friends. Gets intoxicated and passes out on his couch. Friend wakes him up and demands a ride. Client complies and gets stopped for erratic driving. Gets charged with third DUI offense in under ten years (CGS 14-227) and violation of probation(CGS 53a-32). Third time offenders get 120 days mandatory minimum jail sentence and people who violate probation can receive the time they owe on their suspended sentence which was 2 years in this case. Result: Client gets mandatory minimum of 120 days and probation is terminated with no further time to serve.

Client charged with possession of firearm while intoxicated (CGS 53-206d), carrying a dangerous weapon (CGS 53-206) disorderly conduct and Reckless endangerment 1st. Victim says client got home at 2am and stood out in the street waving his pistol around. Victim shows up to court to make a very vocal and strenuous objection. Judge rules in favor of defendant and grants AR. Defendant loses permit to carry and has to transfer other pistol. I instruct defendant to respond to State Police with notice of appeal which comes up close to the dismissal date. Without attending hearing, I get his permit back.

Client charged with Robbery 2 (CGS 53a-135) for going into a bank, hopping over the counter, instructing bank teller to open the drawer and stealing $2,000.00. Leaves the State of CT, only to be brought back on a warrant 2 years later. Is facing a sentence of up to 5 years. I get sentence down to time served which was 3 months and a conditional discharge plus restitution.

Client charged with Illegal Possession of a Firearm in violation of CGS 29-33 and is facing up to 5 years in prison. I get the prosecutor to change the charge to a lesser felony to allow my client to use Accelerated Rehabilitation. Judge grants program and client loses firearm, but no conviction and no jail time.

Client is charged with Possession of a Firearm Without a Permit (CGS 29-38) which carries up to 5 years in jail. I make presentation to the judge about my client’s work history, education, and the fact that he had legally purchased the gun in another state. Judge grants Accelerated Rehabilitation and client receives no conviction.

Client is charged with Larceny 1 (CGS53a-122) for embezzling over $50,000.00 from employer. I reach out to employer who is extremely angry and plans on objecting while also requesting jail time from the State’s Attorney. I make a showing of good cause in my presentation for Accelerated Rehabilitation and judge grants the program with restitution. Client ends up with no conviction.

Accelerated Rehabilitation Possession of Deadly Weapon in Vehicle, Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics

Charge: Possession of Deadly Weapon in Vehicle, Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics
Court: Middletown
Result: Accelerated Rehabilitation granted.

Client charged with Possession of Deadly Weapon in Vehicle and Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics.

My client had a knife longer than 4 inches in his vehicle and 97 bags of heroin.

Accelerated Rehabilitation granted in Middletown.

Accelerated Rehabilitation, 2 years. Illegal Possession of a Firearm

Charge: Illegal Possession of a Firearm
Court: Norwich
Result: Accelerated Rehabilitation

Client charged with Illegal Possession of a Firearm (53a-217c) felony carries up to two years in prison for first offense. Client is from Pennsylvania and volunteers to police he has firearm in his glove compartment for which he has a Pennsylvania permit. Prosecutor objects stating client does not respect the laws of CT and should do jail time. A R granted for two years. Danbury Court G A 3.

Supervised Disciplinary Program Multiple Offenses

Charge: Multiple Offenses.
Court: Rockville
Result: Supervised Disciplinary Program granted.

Client with extensive criminal record charged with multiple offenses in Rockville. Client has struggled with bipolar and schizophrenia for years so I apply for Supervised Diversionary Program which is for people with mental illness who are charged with a crime. Prosecutor strenuously objects due to client’s history. Due to relevant points in my presentation, judge grants program.

Accelerated Rehabilitation, 2 years. Reckless Endangerment, Negligent Storage of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated

Charge: Reckless Endangerment, Negligent Storage of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated
Court: Stamford
Result: Accelerated Rehabilitation, 2 years.

Client charged with Reckless Endangerment, First Offense (53a-63), Negligent Storage of a Firearm (felony 53a-217a) and Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated (53-206d) due to allegations that he came home after a night of drinking and was waving his firearm around on the street at 2am. When cops showed up, they searched his apartment where they found a firearm loaded on my client’s bed. Over the prosecutor’s strenuous objection and victim’s objection, AR Granted for two year period. Later on, I got the client’s gun permit returned to him. Stamford Court G A 1.

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