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Will Connecticut Decriminalize Marijuana?

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs, Marijuana

If the Governor gets his way, Connecticut will become the next state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, leading them to be punishable by a fine rather than criminal charges. Though it seems like a no-brainer, particularly since… Read More

CT May Pass Tougher Penalties For Driving While Phoning

by Field Law Office, LLC |Driving, Reckless

A law banning the use of traditional cell phones while driving was enacted in 2005. Legislators are now considering increasing the penalties for a violation of this law—a law they say currently lacks “teeth” or any significant reason for people… Read More

CT Lawmakers Consider Pre-Conviction DNA Collection

by Field Law Office, LLC |Evidence

Connecticut may be on their way to becoming the next state to require DNA collection in all felony arrests. Under current laws, DNA isn’t collected until someone has been convicted. But supporters of the new legislation state earlier collection is… Read More

Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Protect People’s Right To Tape Police

by Field Law Office, LLC |Police

It’s been an issue that’s made the news across the country in recent years as more and more people walk around with video-recording equipped telephones. The issue is the people’s right to record police officers when acting in their official… Read More

Local Cop Accused and Cleared In Ninth Brutality Investigation

by Field Law Office, LLC |Police

A local New Haven police officer has walked away from yet another brutality investigation. In what seems to either be a pattern of excessive force or a very strange coincidence, the local officer has faced numerous accusations of abuse in… Read More

CT Lawmakers Consider Gun-Offender Registry

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges

In a move that would mark the first of its kind, Connecticut lawmakers are weighing the creation of a gun-offender registry. The statewide registry would be similar to a sex offender registry but its data would only be available to… Read More

Coerced Confessions and False Eyewitness Testimonies in New Haven

by Field Law Office, LLC |Evidence

Last April, two men walked out of court free, after serving seventeen years for a murder they said all along they didn’t commit. The judge ruled they hadn’t either, releasing them that very day. But, both men will be back… Read More

Windsor Locks Sergeant Faces Charges of Hindering Prosecution

by Field Law Office, LLC |Cover-Up, Driving, Manslaughter, Police

The father and police Sergeant of an officer facing charges for an accident that killed a local teen is now facing charges himself. Following the Windsor Locks case over the past several months, we’ve seen some developments, but the Sergeant’s… Read More

Police Harassment Alleged in East Haven, CT

by Field Law Office, LLC |Harassment, Police

Hispanic and residents of the largely Italian-American town of east Haven are leaving, fleeing what they say is incessant police harassment. The United States Department of Justice has subsequently opened a civil rights investigation into some of the officers, though… Read More

Cop Fired, Bar Closed in Windsor Locks Case

by Field Law Office, LLC |Cover-Up, DUI, Manslaughter, Police

A police officer facing charges for manslaughter in the DUI death of a young bicyclist was fired by the Windsor Locks police department last week. A commission voted on Dec. 9 to fire the officer at the center of a… Read More

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