Connecticut Police Brutality Video Released

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Police

Officer Brian Lawlor was fired in 2005 following an incident of excessive force. He was also charged with 3rd degree assault, convicted and sentenced to one year suspended sentence (probation). The video from his police cruiser that caught the incident… Read More

Hartford Mayor and Two Others Arrested in Criminal Bribery Case

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal

So, no one is above the law? Apparently the Mayor of Hartford, a City Employee, and a contractor that works with the city have all been arrested on charges of bribery, among other things. While all three are innocent until… Read More

Monitoring Connecticut Criminals – Flaws in the System

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Criminal Law

The process of monitoring convicted criminals released on parole in Connecticut has serious limitations and flaws. The monitoring by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking costs Connecticut taxpayers nearly a million dollars a year for the technology systems and monitoring of… Read More

Criminal Charges for Minors Go Before Juvenile Review Board

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Juvenile

In an effort to avoid criminal courts and a potential criminal record early in life, a new program aims to put juveniles before a review board. The current program, being used in Winsted, Torrington and Waterbury brings youthful offenders for… Read More

More on Connecticut’s Public Criminal Records

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Record

The competition to sell your personal information such as public records of your criminal history continues to heat up. As I noted before, Ct is one of the few states that currently has a free state sponsored criminal record search…. Read More

Connecticut Sex Offender Laws

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Criminal Charges

Governor Rell just signed a law closing a loophole in Connecticut’s Sex Offender Laws. The new law makes it more difficult for a registered sex offender in Connecticut to change his or her name. A person must now declare the… Read More

Connecticut Hate Crime Law

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Criminal Charges

Governor Jodi Rell signed a new hate crimes law that makes it a criminal charge in Connecticut to display a noose as a means of harassing or threatening someone. The new law will go into effect on October 1, 2008… Read More

Criminal Background Check Watch

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal

A new private company in Connecticut is providing high tech background searches, fingerprinting and biometric information analysis to government agencies and private companies. More private employers will continue to do extensive research into potential hires as these technologies become cheaper… Read More

Connecticut Crime Bill Veto?

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal

Governor Rell may veto the crime bill, thought to be a signature achievement of the administration, for budgetary reasons. The proposed would toughen criminal sentences for some violent crimes in the wake of some recent high profile home invasions and… Read More

All Connecticut Criminal Convictions Online for Public Search!

by Field Law Office, LLC |Conviction, Criminal, Criminal Charges, Record

All criminal and traffic convictions in Connecticut are now posted online for free and easy access. Criminal records have always been public records, but in the past it’s been something of a bureaucratic challenge for most people to dig them… Read More

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