Accelerated Rehab and Diversion Programs in Connecticut

by Field Law Office, LLC |Alcohol, Criminal, Criminal Charges, Criminal Law, Drugs

In Connecticut, “accelerated rehabilitation” is a diversion program that allows people charged with less serious crimes to avoid convictions by completing specific court requirements such as completion of rehabilitation programs. A person needs to apply for the Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation… Read More

What to Do If Your Child Is Arrested

by Field Law Office, LLC |Arrest, Criminal, Criminal Charges, Criminal Law, Juvenile

It’s a phone call no parent ever wants to get: a call from the police saying their child has been arrested. When your son or daughter is in jail, you need to know what to do. If you’re in this… Read More

Connecticut Victims of Crimes Have The Right To Be Represented

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal

Are you the victim of a crime? Is someone charged in a case in which you are the person harmed or injured? Has someone in your family been sexually assaulted or possibly killed? If this is the case, you have… Read More

Connecticut Marriage Goes from Arson and Kidnapping to a Question of Bail

by Field Law Office, LLC |Arson, Criminal, Criminal Charges, Kidnapping

In a story that made headlines last summer, an seemingly angry ex husband allegedly burned down two homes and kidnapped and held his ex wife while holding police in a standoff. Now, the same couple is back in the Hartford… Read More

Significant Crime Reduction in New Haven

by Field Law Office, LLC |Assault, Criminal, Traffic

A press conference held by outgoing Police Chief James Lewis indicates he is leaving New Haven a safer place. According to this article from the New Haven Register crime in the city is at an all time low thanks to… Read More

Hartford Man Rejects What Could Have Been a Lenient Plea Agreement

by Field Law Office, LLC |Assault, Criminal

A man who had previously pled guilty to charges of 1st degree assault, two counts of 1st degree robbery, and 1st degree aggravated sexual assault rejected a plea deal at the last minute, instead electing to head to trial in… Read More

Connecticut Man Freed From Prison Following DNA Exoneration

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal

After spending what should have been the best years of his life behind bars, 40 year old Kenneth Ireland is learning how to live in the real world once again. Back in 1988 at the young age of 20, Ireland… Read More

Serial Connecticut Bank Robber Caught in Hartford

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Criminal Charges, Larceny, Theft

Within the past few weeks, the nation watched grainy surveillance video as a brazen woman walked into 6 banks and demanded money. She never disguised her face nor made any attempt to conceal her identity. Now, Heather Brown is in… Read More

No Age Limit on Connecticut Theft Charges

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Criminal Charges, Shoplifting, Theft

Don’t expect the Connecticut legal system to have pity on your because of your age or ability. Sixty-year old career burglar Okasana Lysenko is again in front of the judge for new charges. Lysenko has 40 convictions on her record,… Read More

Potential Sexual Assault, a Dead Body, and Missing Drugs Mark Connecticut’s 2009 Vibes Festival

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal, Drugs

Referred to as the Northeast’s “premier music, arts, and camping festival”, the third annual Vibes gathering occurred a few weeks ago in Seaside Park. The festival has been back and forth between locations over the last few decades but seems… Read More

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